Emergency Water Restrictions - Update from WRLJ

Update: Emergency Mni Wiconi Pipeline Repair – July 6, 2021 – 12:30 pm CT:

The Mni Wiconi system is shut down again today for a re-attempt at repairs on the core pipeline in Ft. Pierre. Although the water treatment plant and core pipeline system are shut down, the WR/LJ reservoirs were full this morning and will provide needed storage for a period of time today. Some areas of the WR/LJ system will not experience service interruptions; however, some areas may notice service interruptions as storage levels decline throughout the day.

Welders were on-site early this morning to prep the pipe for repairs. They will begin welding the repair plates early this afternoon. Crews on-site are estimating at least 6 hours to complete the repair once the welding begins.

As a reminder, emergency water restrictions continue to be in place while the Mni Wiconi system is shut down.

We will provide additional updates as work progresses.