Press Release - City of Philip to Test the CodeRED Notification System

PHILIP, SD, December 5, 2019 – The City of Philip’s notification system, CodeRED, will be tested during the week of December 9th to validate telephone numbers in the City of Philip’s database. Here’s what you need to know:

• There is no need to take action if you receive the call. City officials are merely testing the system to ensure it is operational and to encourage additional residents to enroll to receive future notifications.
• This process helps us continually improve the system. Testing increases the efficiency of the system and speed at which notifications will be delivered.
• Visit our website to update contact information. If your phone number is not in the database, you will not receive a call when we do launch an important notification.

Residents and businesses within a 3-mile radius of Philip are encouraged to visit our website or contact the City Finance Office to update their contact information, in particular those individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address within the past year and those who use a cellular phone as their primary number,” according to Mayor Mike Vetter. “The more residents who actively add or update their contact information in the database, the better able we are to quickly deliver critical information to our citizens during emergency situations and other events.”

The CodeRED system allows City officials to effectively reach residents by using the system’s capabilities to send telephone calls, text messages, and emails to notify residents of emergencies and general information.

The on-line registration is available at, by clicking on the CodeRED logo. Residents may also contact the City Finance Office at 605-859-2175 to register.