City of Philip - Courtesy Notice - Vehicles Parked on Public Property

The City of Philip has been made aware of numerous vehicles being parked on public property for extended periods of time within the City. This refers to any type of vehicle parked along the street or alley that has not moved in more than five days. These vehicles discourage proper maintenance of the public right-of-ways during snow removal and street cleaning to name a few.

City Ordinance #15-201 defines these vehicles as being abandoned—whether currently licensed or not. Therefore, the City respectfully requests all vehicle owners take notice of the time their vehicle(s) are parked along the street and alley. Should problems continue after Feb. 21, 2020, further action will be taken by the City.

Thank you in advance for helping the City maintain our great community! Stay informed, visit the City website at and register for CodeRED community notifications.

(Publish: Boxed Ad in weeks of Jan. 13 & 20th, 2020)