Mayor and City Council

The City of Philip is an aldermanic form of government consisting of a mayor and six council members. The mayor presides over the council representing three wards.

To schedule an item on the meeting agenda, please contact the City Office by the Thursday prior to the scheduled meeting. 

Mayor Brit Miller

Council Members:
Ward I
Greg Arthur
Scott Pinney 

Ward II
Marty Gartner 
Marion Matt 

Ward III
Joni Parsons
Terri Pelle


City Council Committees
Airport: Pinney, Arthur, Pelle
Budget: Matt, Pinney, Parsons
Building: Matt, Gartner, Arthur
Garbage: Arthur, Matt, Pelle
Health/Recreation: Parsons, Pinney, Pelle
Nuisance: Pelle, Pinney, Matt
Police: Arthur, Parsons, Gartner
Safety: Gartner, Pelle, Parsons
Street: Gartner, Arthur, Matt
Water/Sewer: Pinney, Gartner, Parsons

Ward Map