Garbage Collection

The City currently contracts with Kieffer Sanitation for the collection of residential household waste. See more information below.

City Commercial Users: Must contract privately with garbage hauler. Licensed haulers in the City are: Heartland Waste Management #605-845-5056; and, Kieffer Sanitation #605-342-5575.

Out of City Residents/Commercial Users: May contract privately with a garbage hauler of their choice.

Residential Collection

Garbage is collected every Thursday--residents shall have their garbage ready for pickup by 5:00 a.m. 
(If the Thanksgiving or Christmas Day holiday falls on a Thursday, garbage will be collected the day before. This will be posted in the local newspaper and on the website.)

Garbage Containers: Garbage shall be bagged and placed in the provided receptacles and/or other garbage cans no larger than 30 gallons. Lids are recommended as a means to deter animals from getting into and making a mess of the garbage.

Placement of Containers: 
Properties with alley access - garbage receptacles shall be placed along the alley and accessible to the garbage haulers. 
Properties without alley access – garbage receptacles shall be placed along the public right-of-way and accessible to the garbage haulers.

Acceptable Residential Household Waste: 
Household Garbage Paper Cardboard Plastic Microwaves 
Ceiling Tile Computers Carpet (small pieces) Cans & Bottles Televisions Vinyl Siding Flourescent Lights Other Similar Items Insulation (unattached)

Non-Acceptable Items:
Yard Waste
Rubble/Construction/Demolition Debris - Lumber (untreated) Sheetrock Shingles
Storm Windows Couches Mattresses Siding (masonite) Plastic PVC Pipe Plywood Other Similar Items Propane Tanks Tar Paper
White Goods/Metals – Scrap Metal Stoves Refrigerators
Freezers Other Similar Items

Garbage collection is billed to each residential unit and included on the monthly utility bill.

*Please contact the City Office if your garbage was not collected or if you have any questions.